Toilet Cleaner

Active microbes work to eliminate the source of bad order, giving you cleaner toilet without releasing toxing fumes. Bio-active formula degrades uric acid and salles cleans toilet drapiest when flushed away preventing blocked and choked drains. Has a pleasant fragrance. Why We Use Toilet Cleaner: Hygiene is one of the most effective way to reduce the risk and spread of disease. Toilet hygiene is crucial for good health and dignity in our daily live.

  • A Clean toilet is not a luxury: It is a basic Sanitary need.
  • Press sides of the cap and turn counter clockwise to open the bottle.
  • Squeeze the liquid around the toilet bowl and under the rim
  • Leave for 20 minutes, brush lightly and flush
  • Suitable for both Indian and Wester toilets.
  • Fights to Toilet stains to give a sparkling clean toilet
  • A sparkling clean toilet To times more yellowish stain removal.